Soul Memories

Some people have been born with the innate ability to remember their past lives, but others only remember them subconsciously. When we meet people who we knew in our past lives, we may instantly bond with them or conversely feel an instant dislike of them. We remember the type of relationship we had with them in the past; and, if we have not healed the issue, we will follow the same path again.

Our soul also remembers painful deaths and traumas. Some are born with birth marks in memory of the pain.  Others will develop allergies or diseases which are associated with the trauma.  Some may develop emotional patterns learned from a past life. If you are not born with the triggers of  those memories, they may occur at the same age you were in the past life when the trauma occurred, or some may come when we experience the same emotion or meet the same person again.

The reaction from past life memories can be stopped.  They can be stopped by remembering the past life, by gaining an understanding why the outcome took place and by understanding the soul patterns and lessons that are involved.  Below is an excerpt from an email  I received after going through a past life with a client who had been trampled to death by a herd of horses.  He has been extremely allergic to horses in this life and had a large lump on his left side which he had for years in memory of that trauma.

Here's what he had to say after our session: Thank you for a wonderful session yesterday.  I received much validation and understanding that I needed.  About two hours after I got back downtown, I became drained.  Not certain why, but I suspect it had something to do with the horse trampling incident and removal of that connection.  I was in bed and sleeping by 8 pm. Slept until 6 this morning, which is unusual compared to my normal six hours of sleep.  I feel rested but sluggish this morning.  This morning the lump in my side is gone.  It had been there for many, many years.  The area is still somewhat tender though.

Another client had trouble with breathing whenever she became excited or aggravated. Throughout her life she has been to many doctors who couldn’t get find anything wrong with her lungs.  During our appointment,  I found a past life she had left by suffocating in a fire.  She had been living in a tenement house and was only 19 years old at the time of that death.  She left part of her emotions back in that life time because she wasn’t able to accomplish some things that she wanted to do and was holding on to the trauma of losing her life before she was ready.   Since our appointment she has not had any lung problems much to her joy and mine.

I have many more this stories which I'll include in the book that I'm currently writing.  The title will be Soul Memories.  Please watch for it.