• Sherry completely amazed me, within minutes I felt as if I was talking to a life long friend who know everything about me, my family and my friends.   Amy K.  London
  • WOW!  She diagnosed my son within minutes, took him to the doctor for testing and she was completely right on target.  I have been searching for the answers to his health problems for so long.  I feel like a big weight has been lifted and am so grateful for what Sherry has done for not only my son but also for my whole  family.   Karen B.  Sidney AU
  • What a great gift you have, your insights to my business problems helped me tremendously!  All those emotional issues  I had are gone and I am soaring straight up that ladder.  Steve, Cape Town SA
  • Thank you Sherry for the clearing you did for my daughter Susan.  What a huge change I have seen in her.  We had a doctor prescribing Prozac for OCD when all along she was allergic to tomatoes and dairy!  My goodness, it is still so hard to believe.  She did everything you told her to do, stopped with the tomatoes and most of the dairy.  Now, when she eats tomatoes or pizza; anything with tomato she feels awful and now she knows why.  She loved tomatoes and was eating them everyday. She also did some reading and discovered that tomatoes is not one that people are usually allergic to.  A regular MD would not have figured this out.  It makes you wonder how many people are suffering because they are misdiagnosed.  If she had not had a phone session with you, she may still be on Prozac that wasn't working or some other strange awful drug.  She is also settling into a very nice relationship and he treats her very well and she is happy.  Your work is amazing and you have been given a wonderful gift.  Thank you!
    Sally  Texas
  • Sherry, you helped me get a part in a movie that I really wanted and I'm so grateful!  I kept getting in my own way every time I would go out for an audition.  Thank you for helping me clear my energy so that I can begin getting parts that I truly deserve.
    Hollywood CA
  • Sherry has assisted me in turning my Company around making it much more profitable! It's amazing how her business sense along with her intuitive connection help me with the small and large changes within my Corporation and myself as well. Keep me on her schedule once a month for my Corporation “tune up” because it's well worth it.
    BC Canada
  • I had a remarkable session with Sherry!  It's difficult to really put into words the experience and the way I feel about what we talked about, but it was great!  This was my first psychic reading and at first I was nervous, but Sherry is fun and easy going that I felt quite at home after the 1st few minutes of talking with her on skype.
    I have referred several people
    Thank you,
  • I definitely loved my session with Sherry. I truly felt she was on point with many aspect of my current life and she was so close to the root of a lot... even some aspects that I didn't think of before, she made me reflect and be cognisant so I am able to put many pieces of my life puzzler together.
    Thanks so much
  • Thank you Sherry for an amazing reading. I'm still working from my notes from the session.  Lots of work to do!  Great input! You are truly gifted.
    San Diego
  • Sherry was really great. I found her to be very intuitive and compassionate. My career has already taken a beautiful turn and she helped me make it happen. I'm thrilled my friend recommended her to me and I am now passing along her name and number to my friends and family.
    Best, Sophia
    New York
  • I had a great time talking to Sherry via skype, she was on point with everything she told me, I really appreciated everything she told me, she made me realize alot of things I've been doing in my life that were not working well for me. I'm filled with grattitude for the way she has helped me change my life.
    Best Regards,
    Sherry has been helping me with my tech company for years now and I don't know what I would do without her.  Sometimes it doesn't feel real the way she clears energy for my Global meetings, yet when people are working well together (when I know they don't get along) I know she's in the background somewhere helping me make everything okay. My profits have soared! She is so helpful when it comes to hiring the right people for the right job no matter where they are in the world.
    She will always be my go to gal for everything for from my Corporation to my personal life.
    You're the best Sherry!
    Mr. M.
    San Jose CA
  • For the past 20 years I struggle to find my true purpose in life, I had taken every motivational book and seminar that had been available to me but to no avail I keep sabotaging my success for unknown reasons. I was a mentor for Tony Robbins organization and understood many of my own patterns but there was a missing ling that I was not aware of. This is where I finally asked the universe for help, and Sherry Hopson was the answer to my prayer a direct link for me to understand my childhood. Sherry was able to disclose past DNA spiritual patterns I never realized that affected every move at made in my life. Now instead of me looking for something, I am attracting every open opportunity in alignment with my true purpose in life. I have a very prosperous life today because of Sherry’s Spiritual, mental and physical psychic mentoring, Gracias Sherry for helping find my passion,         Juan Carlos Quesada  Motivational Speaker
  • I have been able to gain so much insight and understanding into my life by talking to Sherry. She's given me easy tools to help me learn the lessons that I'm supposed to be learning at this time, which has made my life extremely more freeing.

    Melany, CA

  • "I am very grateful for the dedication and level of commitment that Sherry takes in each one of us, her support, confidence and explanation of events indeed provide us the guidance needed in some moments of our life".

    Miriam San Diego

  • Sherry helped me with many of my past lives that were affecting me in this life time and holding me back. She also helped me with many of my emotional issues that were affecting my physically. I already have my next appt set up... Lynn Oceanside CA
  • I was able to release deep seated emotions through making connections with past life and my present life. I gained greater understanding in my life and how to move forward.

    Miami Carlsbad CA

  • Some key issues and details in my life were uncovered that I would not have thought of had I not talked to Sherry Hopson.

    Jessie K. Carlsbad Ca